Must Try Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Marketing Strategies has long existed, and sometimes it becomes too hard to formulate something new. As the generation gets too demanding and aware of the business industry, as a seller it is important that you keep yourself on the top of the game using strategies that would capture their attention.  When you are out of ideas, look around you and maybe you would see an inspiration to start with, take this few Marketing Ideas that are creative and modernized as an inspiration.


Get The Social Media Involved

Who wouldn’t want to win some goodies? This type of marketing strategy though used a long time ago could be twisted to something that would appropriately fit into the present generation. With the use of social media, get in touch with your consumers by letting them share a piece of their experience with your product/service through posting videos or pictures; the aim here is to advertise your business with the use of good feedbacks to as many clients as possible, those who has the most shares and hits will win the goody and another free to be shared to a lucky friend (who would most likely share his experience too).


Make Everywhere A Showroom

Take your team out of your four cornered office and be involved with the public. Throw on a magic show, a dance mob, or an instant raffle promo at the center of your crowded parks; be bold and think of an idea that includes public participation.

You could even put up free taster at schools or malls without putting a name of your product, let your consumers name it; provide them with pen and paper with their personal details and the name they wanted for your product, hold an online voting for the most appealing name.





Be A Picasso

Have you seen vandalized buildings on crowded streets? Or dirty walls in schools? Offer them free painting services, in return, you’ll be advertising your company there creatively and of course fitted to the setting of the environment.

This is a win-win situation for the beneficiary and your company; you get to help them beautify their area and a free advertisement on your part.



You are too old if you don’t know how to use hashtags. It’s one of the most popular trends that haven’t worn out. Marketers are using this as a new strategy to target online active consumers; it is like starting an event online.


Choose a catchy subject to be used as your hashtag, use this as a part of your online advertisements and posts. It is like creating a highlighter on social medias, people will easily find your product or company just by searching on your used hashtags.



Give your consumers an element of surprise. If you are based on an office, set a customer number to be given a huge surprise. Let’s say, the 10th customer of the day will be given 10 months of 50% discount on your services, record it and let the world know. It is not boasting, it is showing the world that you can give something special to your consumers; your reward would be a positive prestige. Just like when you are offering a gift to someone, sneak in a piece of goody in their plastic bags or even inside of the products just like an Easter egg or insert promo codes inside your merchandises.


Marketing Strategies For The Practical

Having a good Marketing plan is important on running a business or practicing your profession, though there are available services that could do the job for you, it’s sometimes impractical for those who are just starters, on a tight budget, or freelancers.

Here are simple tricks and tips you could actually do to save yourself from marketing fees.

Be Sociable

To build a wider circle of probable clients won’t be that hard if you welcome people into your existence, open yourself to the crowd and develop good ties. When you converse with them, open up about your business or the services you are offering and do a brief sales talk; but avoid making it sound too persuasive, you want to get their trust and attention and not to annoy them. If you are not yet ready to get out of your shell, you could start using the web. Create social media accounts and join groups, advertise your business on your account by posting flyers or brochures, you could also send them mails introducing your services.

Be Persevere

Print out flyers or brochures for your business or service, be creative enough to make it noticeable and moment worthy; readers usually has less than 5 seconds of attention span when looking at a flyer so make sure that everything you put in there is catchy enough for the reader. Carry copies of those in your bag so you could give it out when you are travelling.

Getting The Patrons Involved

Customers who trusts you are as important as your income, your company runs because they exist. There is no strategy as effective as positive feedbacks being spread by people who are satisfied with your service, acknowledging their efforts could go a long way. Establish a networking or affiliate program within your company; offer them discounts or coupon as perks for bringing a new customer on your circle.

Be Of Help

Join organizations or forums that share the same interest as your offered commodity or service, by doing this, you directly welcomed yourself to possible targets that you know would surely understand and appreciate the commodity you are offering. Be helpful to those who are needing advice or assistance related to your service; this is the perfect time where you could prove to them that you know your craft and they could trust you with it.

Use The Perks Of Your Community

Develop good relationship with business owners around your area, be a patron yourself. Nobody could understand your struggle better than those who are going the same path as yours, make them feel appreciated the way you wanted your business to be treated. To make it a fair trade, you could ask them if they have brochures or flyers so you could show it to your acquaintances and in return you’ll give your advertisement as well; It’s a mutual situation where both parties are benefited.

Be Business Card Ready

After all the hassle and efforts of expanding your circle, never forget to give out your Business Card. You may talk to the person on a long period but without handing out your business card there would be a little chance that everything you said would be remembered, give out your business cards to people whom you talked to so they could contact you when they decide to avail your commodity or if there are questions they wanted to be clarified. However, you should always keep in mind that your business card’s appearance is a direct description of who you are as a person or as a businessman.…